Decode pre-2011 Apple Mac EFI/Firmware Passwords


On Mac computers it is possible to prevent booting to alternative media which could get around OS X's security.

Pin anything to the Windows 8 start menu


This little hack allows you to pin anything to your Windows 8 (or RT) start menu.

Delay email sending in Outlook a la Gmail


Gmail has a handy feature whereby, after hitting the ‘Send’ button, you have some time to realise you made a typo, forgot to attach a document or that you really don’t want to send that message after all–or at least, not to the person you accidentally put in the ‘To:’ field.

Solution for Cannot adjust display brightness


The problem is caused by Windows incorrectly identifying the notebook’s screen.

How to install .Net 3.5 on Windows 8


When installing applications on Windows 8 you may be prompted to install the .

Change Window's CMD to behave more like PuTTY


Note: Better yet, use the Terminal app in Windows 10 and 11

How to create a unique TeamViewer ID after imaging


If you include TeamViewer as part of your system image or clone an existing computer with TeamViewer installed, the newly set-up computer will have the same TeamViewer ID as the source computer however each computer needs its own unique ID to work.

Why and how to disable Bonjour


Bonjour is Apple’s auto-network discovery protocol that, among other things, allows iTunes to discover other iTunes libraries on the same network and for devices such as the iPod/Phone/Pad and Apple TV to discover each other and share their libraries or remote control each other.

How to show hidden files in Finder


Running MacOS X and want to see every file? To see hidden files in Finder, follow these steps: