EdgeRouter X VPN Windows 10 Fix


I had issues connecting to my EdgeRouter X L2TP/IPSec VPN. My Android and iOS devices could connect fine but my Windows 10 laptop wouldn’t.

Why and how to disable Bonjour


Bonjour is Apple’s auto-network discovery protocol that, among other things, allows iTunes to discover other iTunes libraries on the same network and for devices such as the iPod/Phone/Pad and Apple TV to discover each other and share their libraries or remote control each other.

Disable Num Lock


This registry edit controls whether Numlock is enabled or disabled when you login to Windows.

Allow Windows PE PXE boot from a Linux server


There is a major problem in booting Windows via PXE from a Linux server: Linux’s is case sensitive but Window’s isn’t.

Clear the Offline Files cache


Over time small problems tend to creep into any system that depends on synchronising data in multiple sources and Windows’ Offline Files is no exception.

How to disable low memory warnings and the advantages of removing the page file


Note: Orginally written in 2011; much of this advice no longer applies