Allow Windows PE PXE boot from a Linux server

There is a major problem in booting Windows via PXE from a Linux server: Linux’s is case sensitive but Window’s isn’t. So text.txt, Text.txt, test.TXT and tExt.txt are four different files in Linux whereas under Windows there can only be one file or folder in a location with the characters T-E-X-T-.-T-X-T. Additionally windows uses ‘\’ whereas Linux uses ‘/’. To compensate for this, TFTPD can be configured to translate between the two.

To allow windows to boot from a Linux TFTP server:

  1. Create a file called in the folder you have specified as the TFTP root (the default is /tftpboot)

  2. Add the following lines to using your favorite text editor:

    rg      \\      /
    r       bootmgr.exe     /Boot/bootmgr.exe
    r       /boot/          /Boot/